For over 30 years, I’ve worked  on many animated series for TV (“The Raccoons”, “Arthur”, “Caillou”, "Martha Speaks" etc.)  at studios in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. 

I am fully experienced in Animation, Sheet Direction, Layouts & Posing. 

From 1995-2005 I was the principal Assistant Director on most of the animated series produced at Cinar Animation Studio (Montreal).  I coordinated with our co-producers in different countries, and supervised episodes through the post-production stage.  

Since then, I have worked as a Supervisor: Layouts & Posing (classic style), Storyboard & Animatics (using ToonBoom Storyboard Pro software) and Lead Animation (using ToonBoom Harmony software). 

I have also worked as an Animator (classic style, and using ToonBoom Harmony software), and have created Leica animatics, using ToonBoom Storyboard Pro software.

I am presently a resident of Montréal, Québec, Canada. (Je suis aussi capable de travailler en français.)

6697 - MacDonald Ave., Montréal, Québec | 514-731-0965

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